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airZoon is the partner to solve your problems

➜ Communicate with your WIFI in a controlled budget
➜ Offer WIFI stable, fast and secure
➜ Collect leads and data on your customers to retain them
➜ Promote attractiveness from your point of sale
➜ You remove the inconvenience WIFI management

Personalized WIFI home page

Mobile location

Online advertising

Traffic reports and information collected

Your means of communication and information

➜ The WIFI home page is the compulsory point of passage for all users (mobile, Tablet, laptop)in order to access the internet.

➜ Ideal location for questioning and informing visitors (menu, events, etc).

Data collection included (phone number, email, age, etc…).

Your data is private and inaccessible by other affiliate partners).

They trust us

Consult the data collected on your visitors


Your data is compiled into a personalized dashboard to help drive your business.

All security features essentials are included

Secure internet access

Limited speed for users

Limited connection time for visitors

Complies with the law

Secure access for the owner

No speed limit for the owner

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