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With a Caribbean population more and more connected and equipped with smartphones, connectivity needs intensify. 3G / 4G / 5G networks are struggling to keep up with the trend and the price of data still remains too high for many of us.

In order to overcome this problem, airZoon expands its network of hotspots (WIFI access point) across the country so you can connect from anywhere !

Internet access with airZoon, it is very simple :

Connect to a hotspot

Enjoy a stable and secure connection

Shift into high gear !

You can also take advantage of the premium advantages of the airZoon No Limit pass :

➜ 4x faster speed
➜ Uninterrupted connection
➜ Access to all airZoon hotspots (in the whole world !)

Discover all the hotspots around you !

They tested and approved ! When your turn ?


The must-have of our small shops and food brands ! Not only do they bring you back customers but they also provide you with a battery of marketing indicators.. They take care of everything ! Their service is nickelle. Excellent price-performance ratio. The splendid customer relationship, always available and smiling. We are treated like royalty. If that's not pretty !!!!!! I recommend airZoon with my eyes closed !

Alex C.


I tried ! Very satisfied. Pleasantly surprised by a fast connection and smooth surfing without addicts. Nickel ! Thank you.

Miguel D.

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